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In memory of our wonderful Ronny

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

11 Years ago we purchased a Highland Bull Calf, planning to use him over our Whiteface beef cattle to produce beef calves for us. Immediately, he stole our hearts. He would come running when we entered the paddock and just loved getting cuddles and being brushed. As he grew, that didn't change. His friendly disposition made him an instant hit with all our visitors and it wasn't long before we knew we had to bring in a Highland Heifer to keep him company.

That was how Holly Manor Highlands started, and we soon grew to a small boutique breeder. Through the years Ronny gave us many gorgeous calves and every one of them, without exception, had his exceptional friendly temperament.

Sadly, Ronny passed away last year with Arthritis. In his final year, he was unable to perform his manly duties, so we weren't expecting any offspring. But being Ronny he gave us a wonderful parting gift, and on our wedding anniversary, months after our Ronny's passing, our Abby surprised us with a beautiful Heifer calf our grand-daughter named Leah Buttercup. We couldn't bear to part with Leah so she has joined our fold and when she is old enough, we are looking forward to her carrying on the legacy of her wonderful Sire, our Ronny.

In Memory of Ronny McMoo of Lumonte

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