Meet our Holly Manor Fold


Baxter McMoo of Lumonte

Baxter joined Holly Manor in 2018 as a proven three year old.  He's a chatty fella who loves to talk to us when we are out and about on the farm.  We are looking forward to his first calves for Holly Manor arriving later this year.
Sire:- Muir of Craigower
Dam:- Giovanna of Coopers Brae

Aberlour of Rancanneil

Abby joined Holly Manor in 2013 and quickly rose to Matriarch status as head girl, and our then Bull Ronny's favourite.  She is a lovely quiet girl, though always the first to let us know if water is running short or the grass is getting a bit low. 


She has consistently given us a beautiful deep red calf each year since arriving.  She is currently in calf to Baxter so it will be interesting to see if Black is the new Red for Abby.
Sire:- Munro 2nd of Munro
Dam:- Loachag 6th of Trelissick

2016-06-18 13.25.36.JPG
Trossachs Kintyre Aurora.jpg

Trossachs-Kintyre Aurora

Aurora is our mischief maker.  She loves to use her horns to lift gates and loves to lead her paddock mates astray.  She loves a brush and is always first in line for treats.  Her calves have all had her loving and mischievious nature.
Sire:- Red Bull of Trossachs
Dam:- Bella York of Trossachs

Lizzie McMoo of Lumonte

Lizzie was our first pedigree highland heifer, arriving here when she was just six months old in 2010.  Lizzie is very much a girlie girl who loves her treats and brushes, but on her terms.  If she is not in a sociable mood, she gently lets you know by walking away. 


She has consistently given us many gorgeous and friendly calves.

Sire:- Mackay of Trossachs

Dam:- Lillie of Trossachs

2016-06-18 13.23.39.JPG

Leah of Holly Manor

Leah is our special girl.  She was the last calf to be born from our beautiful, and much loved bull Ronny, who died last year.   As an added special touch, she arrived, unexpectantly, on our wedding anniversary. 


She is still young but growing well and we are looking forward to seeing her mature.  She has a lovely nature and comes for cuddles every time we go in the paddock.
Sire:- Ronny McMoo of Lumonte
Dam:- Aberlour of Rancanniel