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We are a small boutique breeder of quality pedigree Highland Cattle.  Although it is important to us that our cattle are true to their breed, the emphasis in our breeding program is on friendly, good tempered calves that will happily eat treats from your hand and let you brush them in the paddock.


History of Highlands

Highlands are a heritage breed of cattle originating, as the name suggests, from the Highlands of Scotland.  They come in many solid colours including Red, Yellow, Brindle, Black, White, Silver and Dun.  They are most recognisable by their hairy coats and impressive Harley Davidson handlebar style horns.

They are a premium beef breed of cattle, but due to their quiet nature and impressive looks, are often kept as pets, or for breeding for Lifestylers here  in New Zealand.

Why Highlands

Apart from their obvious good looks, Highlands are generally a placid breed and enjoy interacting with their human owners.  We halter tame all our calves and they are all eating treats from our hands and letting us brush them before we let them go to their new homes.

Highlands are a slow growing breed and usually the cows start calving a year later than other breeds.  They make up for this though by breeding long into their teens.  

Highland calves are smaller than other beef breeds and calving difficulties are rare.  Highland Bulls are often used by dairy farmers for this very reason.


Highland Beef

Scottish Highland is premium beef.  Because Highlands are slow to mature, their meat is lean, low in fat, whilst being well marbled and lower in cholesterol.

In New Zealand we grass feed our Highlands which also adds to the health benefits of our beef.

The Queen of England has her own fold of Highland Cattle at Balmoral Castle to supply the extended Royal Family with premium quality, lean and bold flavoured Highland Beef.

For further information or to find out how you can purchase your own friendly Holly Manor Moo, please contact Phil & Debby

Whitemans Valley, Upper Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand


mobile:-  027 4478-015

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